Mathematics Degree Courses

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Gaining a deeper understanding of the mathematical principles that shape almost every aspect of our world can open up many doors for future graduates. From further academic research to application within industry, the logical, methodical approach to problem solving, the attention to detail and the high intelligence of the Mathematics graduate makes them attractive to many future employers. Many Mathematics degrees are also highly theoretical, however, and require a dedication and passion for the subject that go beyond career ambition. Have a serious think about the area of mathematics you enjoy most, and its applications, and make sure you research each course thoroughly before applying. Computational Mathematics may lead you down a different path, and require a different set of skills, than Business Statistics for example. 

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Some Courses in Mathematics:

  • Mathematics (G100)
  • Business & Management with Mathematics (N1G1)
  • Law with Mathematics (M1G1)
  • Physical Geography with Mathematics (F8G1)
  • Applied Mathematics (G120)
  • Computing and Mathematics (GG14)
  • Economics and Mathematics (GL11)
  • Education and Mathematics (X3G1)
  • Financial Mathematics (NG31
  • Mathematical Sciences (G101)