Law Degree Courses

Studying Law can be an intense but rewarding experience. Covering a wide range of legal practice, including Criminal Law, Business Law, Civil Law and Human Rights Legislation, to name but a few, there are many areas in which you may choose to specialise once you have completed your original Law degree.

The workload can be intense, assessed as it is through essays and examination while also encompassing employment placements and example case work. The rewards may well be worth it though, as working within the legal profession ultimately offers an attractive salary. Make sure that you have an eye for detail, a dedication to the subject and a flair for constructing an argument before you consider studying Law. For more details, read our article Why Study Law?

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Some Courses in Law:

  • Law (M100)
  • Politics with Law (L2MC)
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice and Italian (MR93)
  • Law with Business (M1NC)
  • Commercial Law (M221)
  • Legal Studies (052M)
  • Law and Criminal Justice (M211)
  • Philosophy and Law (MVC5)
  • Smart Systems and Law (GM71)
  • Law (Senior Status) (M101)