Linguistics Degree Courses

Linguistics 01

Linguistics 02Linguistics is the scientific study of language. It brings together a range of disciplines, including philosophy, sociology, history and biological sciences to try and unravel the mysteries of the way in which humans communicate. Combining the study of semantics, grammar, phonetics and the cultural and social development and implications of language, Linguistics suits any student who is fascinated by the way in which language shapes the human experience. A fascinating but varied subject, be sure to check the emphasis of individual courses before applying. Studying neurolinguitics requires a whole different set of interests, and previous experience in biological sciences, from sociolinguitics, even though the two are intimately connected. Expect to leave a Linguistics degree with a strong grounding in both areas, but make sure you pick a course that will emphasise those aspects that most interest you.

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Some Courses in Linguistics:

  • Language & Linguistics (Q190)
  • Linguistics (Q100)
  • French Studies and Linguistics (QR11)
  • English/Linguistics (QQ31)
  • Linguistics and Creative Writing (QW18)