Language Degree Courses

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Choosing to undertake a degree in a language, or multiple languages, can open many doors in later life. The importance of international communication in an increasingly global context means that, whether you choose to go into international business or simply fancy the idea of being able to get by in another country, gaining fluency in another language can really benefit you in the long run. Most language degrees will be based around a combination of technical exercises and assessments combined with study of the history, culture and literature of the people who speak that language, so an enthusiasm for reading and writing are essential. Almost all language degrees will also involve a year of living abroad, which can add to the final length of the degree. Be sure to consider whether you wish to undertake this before applying.

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Some Courses in Language:

  • Language & Linguistics (Q190)
  • Languages for Business (N1R8)
  • Modern Languages (4 years) (R800)
  • Egyptology (3 years) (Q400)
  • Spanish (R400)
  • French (R100)
  • Middle Eastern Languages (T608)
  • South Asian Studies (T300)
  • English Language and Cymraeg (QQ3M)
  • Celtic (Q500)