Environmental Studies Degree Courses

With the environment such a hot button issue there has been an explosion in the number of degree courses focused on its various aspects. It is worth looking into the syllabus of each before applying to see whether the focus is on the science of the environment, such as Environmental Biology or Climate Science, or on the practicalities of responding to environmental challenges, such as Resource and Waste Management. Alternatively, there are degree courses that combine multiple approaches to give you a broader overview of the field, which may be more suited to applicants with an interest in the environment but without a clear idea of the specific area they might want to explore in the future.

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Some Courses in Environment:

  • Wildlife Management (D446)
  • Environmental Earth Science (F640)
  • Environmental Science (D449)
  • Carbon Management (DJ47)
  • Environmental Stewardship (D447)
  • Environment and Sustainability (FD84)
  • Ecology and Conservation (D447)
  • Environmental Geoscience (F644)