Engineering Studies Degree Courses

Engineering can prove to be a perfect fit for applicants with a flair for maths and sciences and a logical, methodical approach to projects. Engineering Studies covers a wide range of fields, including electrical engineering, civil engineering, automotive engineering and aerospace engineering, to name but a few. Be sure to have a think about the specific areas of the field that you may like to go into before applying. Regardless of the area that you choose to study the fundamental basis of the subject in mathematics and science remains. Applicants should be sure that they enjoy applying the rigorous, logical approach characteristic of these subjects if they are to be successful at undergraduate level and beyond.

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Some Courses in Engineering Studies:

  • Engineering (H100)
  • Mechanical Engineering (H300)
  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering (006H)
  • Engineering Development (H101)
  • Electronic Engineering (H601)
  • Chemical Engineering (H800)
  • Civil Engineering (H202)
  • Materials Engineering (H190)
  • Energy Engineering (H221)