Aeronautical Engineering Degree Courses

Aeronautical Engineering is the branch of engineering specifically concerned with the science of flight and the construction of both air- and spacecraft. While it may not be as 'sexy' as it was back in the 1960s, with Concorde and the Space Race stealing headlines daily, the truth is that the Aeronautical industry has never stopped innovating and refining the science of flight. With new challenges arising all the time, from more sustainable domestic flights to the potential mining of asteroids, there's still plenty of exciting projects out there to tempt those with a passion for flight. As an engineering discipline, a strong grasp of Mathematics will be essential as will an interest in Physics. As with all degree subjects that lead you down a specialist route, have a serious think about a career within the Aeronautical industry before you apply. While graduates do gone to a range of careers, you will need the drive and determination to remain intellectually engaged by those magnificent men in their flying machines for the foreseeable future if you are going to excel in the field.

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