Teacher Training Degree Courses

Teaching can be a hugely rewarding career, offering the chance, as it does, to shape and influence the lives of the next generation. Teacher training can be undertaken as an undergraduate degree or as a one-year postgraduate course. As you might expect, a good chunk of the course will involve gaining work experience at various schools and you will be spending a great deal of your time in hands-on classroom roles. As such, teaching suits people with a passion for education and a love of children and young people. You will be expected to have gained some work experience before applying so use this opportunity to talk to current teachers about the role to decide if you want to make it your career.

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Some Courses in Teacher Training:

  • Education (Post-Compulsory) (X141)
  • Primary Education with Inclusion/Spec Educ Needs (X360)
  • Primary Education (X100)
  • Primary Education with Teaching Qualification (X123)
  • Education and Training (X300)
  • Secondary Physical Science Education (XF19)