Interior Design Degree Courses

The places in which we live and work help to shape our attitudes to ourselves and to the external world around us. As such, the field of Interior Design has an incredibly important role to play in shaping our lives. Interior design encompasses a wide range of design activities, from creating an overall look for a space to more specific skills, such as furniture design. Interior Design, therefore, suits candidates with creative flair and preferably some previous design experience. While a degree in Interior Design will cover transferable design skills that can be applied elsewhere, bear in mind that it is ultimately a degree that prepares you for work in a specific field. Have a good think about whether you want to make Interior Design your future career before applying.

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Some Courses in Interior Design:

  • Interior Design (W250)
  • Interior Architecture (K120)
  • Interior Products Design (W241)
  • Arts for the Creative Industries - (Interior Design) (W900)
  • Spatial Design (W240)
  • Textile Design (W231)
  • Interior Architecture and Design (W251)
  • Furniture and Product Design (W260)