Graphic Design

If you’re interested in art but you’re looking for a degree course with a real world application then an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design could be right up your street.

You’ll get practical experience as well as studying a range of traditional and digital media. Research is a key part of a Graphic Design degree and you’ll develop the skills to confidently analyse and interpret a wide variety of artistic media.

As well as practical skills you’ll also learn a lot of transferrable skills that will benefit you in the world of work. You’ll have strong problem solving skills and the technical knowledge that you’ll need to excel in your career.

Your degree in Graphic Design could lead you to a variety of career paths including working for a branding or advertising agency, magazine design publishing, website design, or working in the television or film industry.

You could also pursue a freelance career, working alone or founding your own agency. Students often continue to further study after graduating from their undergraduate degree.

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Where to study Graphic Design

  • University of Portsmouth
  • Falmouth University
  • Central Saint Martins

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