Applied Art

Although you’ll create a portfolio of work in any art degree if you’re looking for a real practical orientated course then an undergraduate degree in Applied Art could be for you.

The term “applied art” is used to differentiate it from other art subjects and courses are usually more vocational with your final assessment being a product or piece of work. If you want to get really hands on and aren’t too worried about studying the traditions or theories of art this degree should be perfect.

Your degree will help you develop your 2D and 3D skills and practical work usually has a vocational slant meaning you’ll study areas such as metalwork, jewellery making, ceramics, glass, and aspects of interior design.

Once you graduate the world is your oyster as you’ll have a strong body of work to use a portfolio for prospective employers. You might become a professional artist, a teacher, or art gallery curator. You could also go on to further study, such as an MA or PhD in a related art subject.

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Where to study Applied Art

  • Glyndwr University
  • Bath Spa University
  • Bridgend College (Foundation degree)

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