Software Development Degree Courses

The field of Software Development, while relatively young, has gone from strength to strength. With the increasing presence of computing in every aspect of our lives, from the arguably trivial, such as gaming, to the definitively essential, such as medicine, the production of software to fulfil a human need is still a growth industry. As such, the rewards of working within the industry, both intellectually and financially, can be significant. If you're thinking of applying, you will already have an affinity with computing and a strong grasp of maths, a patient, methodical approach to problem solving and a creative streak that will enable you to produce new, relevant software.

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Some Courses in Software Development:

  • Computer Science (G400)
  • Computing (G020)
  • Business Software Development (G601)
  • Software Engineering (4 years) (G602)
  • Digital Media Development (G451)
  • Software Engineering (G600)
  • Computing and Systems Development (004G)
  • Computer Forensics (FG45)