Multimedia Degree Courses

Multimedia degrees are generally based around practical work and suit students who really like to take a hands-on approach to the creative process. Focusing on the technical processes behind the creative industries, including computer graphics, sound recording, image processing and audio and visual technologies, an affinity with computer programming is also a plus for any applicant. While a Multimedia degree may train you for some of the most rewarding professions out there many people dream of making a living from the media in all its forms, so expect some stiff competition upon graduation.

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Some Courses in Multimedia:

  • Creative Multimedia Design (W212)
  • Multimedia Technology and Design (H6W2)
  • Multimedia Development (G450)
  • Web & Multimedia (H620)
  • Creative Technology (G456)
  • Multimedia Production (H131)
  • Interactive Digital Media (WG24)
  • Drama and Multimedia (GW44)
  • Games and Multimedia Technologies (GG64)