Web Design and IT Degree Courses

The Internet has changed the way that human beings interact and the way in which we view our world. Far from a passing fad, the Internet has proven to be a revolution in all of our lives and provides many exciting avenues for study and work. Where once Internet related degree courses were few and far between, now it is possible to study a wide range of related subjects, from Web Development to Web Server Management. Suiting applicants with a flair for mathematics, problem solving and previous experience of computing, a degree, and subsequent career, in any aspect of networking and IT could make you a valuable asset to a wide range of businesses.

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Some Courses in Internet:

  • Web Design and Development (G451)
  • Web Development with Business (G4NA)
  • Internet Computing (G501)
  • Multimedia Computing (G450)
  • History with Internet Computing (V1G4)
  • Internet Computer Science (G420)
  • Computing (G400)
  • Web Development (G452)