Computer Programming Degree Courses

Computers are an integral part of contemporary society, where you will have grown with innovative technology, gadgets and games at your fingertips.  A degree in computer programming is ideal if you have a fascination with computing, programming and the architecture of computers.  A degree in computer programming will generally require A-levels in maths, science and computing, with 300 UCAS points or above. 
The demand for computer programmers is high, therefore starting salaries are high. You may see yourself in blue chip software engineering companies such as IBM or Google, new technology companies such as Nokia or working for the media.

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Some Courses in Computer Programming:

  • Computing (G400)
  • Applied Computing (G402)
  • Computing and Mathematics (G4G1)
  • Games Design (24WG)
  • Computing and Internet Technology (G420)
  • Multimedia Development (G450)
  • Business Computing (G4N1)
  • Mathematics with Computing (G1GK)