Why Study Business?

Why Study Business?

A business degree provides an excellent opportunity to gain a good grounding in the skills required to build a successful career in any number of organisations. Many universities offer courses that can be combined with another subject such as a language, or business related subjects like Marketing, Event Management, or Tourism so it really can be your passport into the workplace.

You have ultimate flexibility with a business degree. Not sure what you want to do yet? Relax! You can easily opt for a general business degree such as Business Administration. You may find, as you progress through your modules that certain aspects of the course appeal more than others and you can then select your elective modules to reflect your interests. You are likely to have the opportunity to take a work placement year on a course like this which may help you to clarify your career path further and give you valuable work experience for the CV!. This route will give you an excellent grounding.

Why Study Business: Career Flexibility

Alternatively, you may be very clear about your interests already. You might want to consider Information Technology for Business (ITMB) and learn about the strategic management of IT within businesses supported by leading employer partners such as IBM, Proctor & Gamble, Sainsburys and Accenture. Or perhaps you aspire to become a manager - so you may opt for a management degree. The options are extensive and varied from Marketing to Finance, Tourism to HR Management and if you do decide to combine two subjects you can further increase the opportunities and experience gained.

Most students at the University of Hertfordshire Business School do a work placement year as a part of their course. This really increases your employability on graduation because you already have first-hand experience of the workplace and you have demonstrated that you are able to work as part of a busy team and contribute ideas - before you even graduate! It means you can start working and get earning as soon as you are ready after graduation and that additional experience and practical knowledge sets you apart from the crowd. Students with business degrees go on to take up roles in marketing, procurement, accounting, the travel industry, retail management and event management to name but a few.

Why Study Business: Practical Skills

In addition to gaining practical business skills and experience from your studies you may also be able to travel for a proportion of your degree, either to study or to complete an internship. Again, this is a great way to extend your university experience and to differentiate yourself from other graduates when you are applying for jobs later on - not to mention the experience of another country, culture and, potentially, university student life. Most students can get some form of financial support to incorporate this kind of travel into their studies through ERASMUS, which makes it an even more accessible option.

Why study Business then? With a degree in business you will give yourself an excellent grounding and a practical understanding of the way organisations work. You will have the opportunity to tailor your studies to your particular strengths and interests and you could very well leave with a year of practical experience and a reference already under your belt. What's not to like?