Why apply for a Management degree?

If you’re considering going into the world of business after graduation then you would be sensible to think about applying for a Management degree.

Degrees in Management give students a broad foundation in all aspects of business, from finance and economics to marketing and sales. The majority of Management degrees also have a very practical focus so you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time in industry, sometimes up to a year on a work placement.

However, it’s important to research each Management course thoroughly and think carefully about your future career before applying. For example, if you want to work in the hospitality industry, then you can choose to study a specific Hospitality Management degree.

Equally, if you’re more interested in a particular management specialism in terms of your future job role (think HR), then you could look at studying Human Resources Management.

Here’s more about studying Management and why it’s a great option for graduates who want to get ahead in business:

You’ll use theory and practice

You won’t be based solely in the classroom for your Management degree and many universities have strong links with industry leaders to ensure that their students get the best opportunities.

This means that you’ll be learning cutting edge business techniques in the classroom and you’ll then get the chance to put them into practice with a top quality work placement.

You’ll use real-life case studies

Even for the theoretical side of the course you’ll probably still be using real-life business examples as the basis of the curriculum. This allows you to use your learning on a variety of case studies and show that what you’ve learnt in the classroom has real-life applications.

You can study combined courses

If you’d like to broaden your knowledge base even further, or you have a particular career path in mind, then you can choose to study a combined degree.

Subjects commonly combined with Management courses include Business, Marketing, Politics, Economics, and languages.

You can tailor your degree to suit you

Management degrees usually have a large pool of modules to choose from, so once you’ve completed the compulsory aspects of your course, you can choose to study modules that really interest you.

This allows you to build a degree that really taps into your particular area of special interest, whether this means with a career path in mind or simply keeping your education broad and your options open.

You’ll gain international knowledge

Whilst you’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn how local business works and gain an understanding of the UK economy, you’ll also have modules with an international focus.

As well as these modules, many Management degrees also offer the chance to study and work abroad so you can see global business trends in action.

You’ll build a global network of contacts

Not only will you learn about global issues but you’ll also be studying with students from all over the world. Management is a popular course worldwide and many students from other countries choose to spend part or all of their degree learning in the UK.

This allows you to build a strong network of international contacts that could seriously benefit your career later in life.

You’ll have great career prospects

The majority of Management degrees have high graduate job prospects figures, showing that Management graduates won’t be sat around doing nothing once they’ve left university.

The skills and knowledge you’ll have gained during your course will be applicable to every sector, so the range of jobs you’ll be able to apply for is vast.

You’ll have more money in the bank

Management graduates also have a higher starting salary on average than those in non-professional jobs.

Many top companies offer internships for Management graduates that command higher starting salaries and often end up with you being fast-tracked into senior or managerial roles.

You’ll have many transferrable skills

As we said above, you’ll have plenty of skills that could be applied to a variety of roles, so your career options will be far from limited.

Skills you’ll gain during your Management degree include:

  • Understanding how an organisation operates
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Numeracy
  • Presenting information effectively, both orally and written down