Manufacturing and Engineering Degree Courses

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Manufacturing -&-Production 02There are many aspects to Manufacturing and Production that vary according to the specific industry to which they are being applied. A good degree in the field, however, should offer an overview of principles and techniques that will ultimately make you employable within a range of manufacturing industries. It is worth researching the specifics of a course before applying, as some may be more weighted towards specific industries than others. Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, for example, may open up doors to the automotive industry, but not be as applicable to other areas. If you have a strong idea of the industry that you would ultimately like to work in then seeking out the Manufacturing degree that it most specific to that industry may be your most direct route in.

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Some Courses in Manufacturing and Production:

  • Product Design Engineering (H770)
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (HH37)
  • Product Design (H711)
  • Mech Eng with Adv Des & Innovation (w Placement) (H762)
  • Manufacturing Engineering (H780)