Management Degree Courses

Management 01

Management 02There are many different types of Management, from detailed led Administrative Management to the more psychologically driven Human Resources Management. What applicants for each will have in common in a logical, organised approach to work, strong leadership and communication skills and the ability to step back from a project to see the bigger picture. There are many different approaches to management and a good degree course will give you a grounding in the wider field, leaving you with a set of skills that can be applied in a range of roles within business and industry. Heavily based around preparing you for work, it is likely that a Management degree will involve some work experience in addition to assessment through essay and examination.

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Some Courses in Management:

  • Management Studies (N200)
  • Sports Management (N291)
  • International Fashion Management (WNF2)
  • Human Resource Management (N600)
  • Event Management (N820)
  • Accounting and Management (NN24)
  • Hospitality Management (N220)
  • International Tourism Management (N800)