Financial Management Degree Courses

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Financial -Management 02A career within financial management can be not only financially rewarding but can also offer a fast-paced, ever changing working environment. If you have a head for figures, and are inspired by the idea of understanding more about the way in which finance shapes our world, a degree and subsequent career in Financial Management may be the right choice for you. There are a number of different subjects that come under the banner of Financial Management, from Financial Planning to Investment Banking, so it is worth thinking about which areas inspire you most when investigating individual courses. A general Financial Management degree should offer an overview of each aspect of the field, allowing you to specialise later either through postgraduate study or on the job training.

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Some Courses in Financial Management:

  • Finance (N300)
  • Financial Management (N340)
  • Banking and Business Management (NN31)
  • Business and Financial Management (NN1H)
  • Management and Financial Management (NN23)