Economics Degree Courses

Economics 01

Economics 02Economics is an important aspect of life. Shaping the modern world is the influence of national and international climates in which businesses operate in.  A degree in economics is suited to those with a high interest in economic and social affairs. Economists are naturally analytical, can provide clear and coherent arguments which are supported by relevant theories and evidence.  Some universities require A-level maths; however, you should comfortably handle figures and sums to embark on a career in economics. Economics graduates are highly employable, and find their analytical, forecasting and reporting skills useful in banking, accountancy, taxation and insurance industries. 

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Some Courses in Economics:

  • Economics (L100)
  • Economics and Psychology (LC18)
  • Economics/Marketing (LN15)
  • Economics and Accounting (LN14)
  • Business Economics (L110)
  • Financial Economics (L111)
  • Economic History (V300)
  • Economics, Politics and Public Policy (LL12)