E-Commerce Degree Courses

Computers and the internet have become a modern day necessity, with most businesses taking their businesses online. E-commerce is the process of conducting business digitally via the internet, from online transactions, buying and selling to business management.  Many businesses combine traditional operations with e-commerce, while some businesses solely work via the internet. E-Commerce is an ideal course if you are interested in the extended realms of business the internet brings. Graduates will understand the complexities, problems and opportunities businesses face by taking their enterprises online, from social networking, website management, digital marketing and web analytics. 

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Some Courses in E-Commerce:

  • Business Studies (E-business) (N190)
  • Internet Computing (G453)
  • International Business with E-Commerce (N1G9)
  • e-Finance (N300)
  • Electronic Commerce Computing (G490)
  • e-Commerce and Mobile App Development (H641)
  • Web Development (G452)