Accounting Degree Courses

Accountancy is ideal if you love number crunching and money. A high level of maths, analytical and problem solving skills, with a high interest in the latest trends and laws that affect practice, is necessary for entering the world of accounting. 

Accounting courses typically require a minimum of 5 GCSEs, including maths grade B, and 280 UCAS points from A-level or equivalent.  Applicants must demonstrate a high level of number application, communication and ICT.

Accountants ensure organisations maintain good financial control to survive, and are therefore always in demand from a wide range of organisations, from private, public and voluntary.

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Some Courses in Accounting:

  • Accountancy (N400)
  • Accounting with Finance (N4N3)
  • Accounting & Finance with Law (N4M1)
  • Accounting and Finance (4 years) (N421)
  • Accounting & Finance (N420)
  • Accountancy with International Accounting (N401)
  • Marketing and Accounting (NN54)
  • Mathematics with Business & Management (G1N2)
  • Accounting & Financial Management (N420)
  • Accounting, Business Finance and Management (NN42)