A Sponsored Degree in Accountancy

Sponsored Degrees

School-leavers may have all the right qualifications to follow their accounting career; a natural inclination towards numeracy, logical thought processes and excellent grades. Lack of finance is the inhibiting factor.

Several corporate organisations recruit potential employees by advertising sponsorship for interested people.  These companies are not acting altruistically.  They feel that in this way they can attract the most efficient staff out of the thousands of applicants they receive each year.

  • The EY Degree, University of Lancaster Management School, is a 4 year course culminating in a BSC (Hons) in Accounting, Auditing and Finance.  This includes 18 months of paid work experience at Ernst & Young.  The placements are at various locations around the UK and valuable interaction with clients will be part of your role within an audit team. This world-renowned company offer a first year bursary to assist undergraduates with all the start-up costs involved in year one at university as well as a host of other benefits such as paid placements. A major advantage the student will have is that they will gain their ICAS qualification as much as 15 months earlier than other graduates and thus gain entry into the workplace a lot quicker. Serious students may be offered a job with this prestigious company in year 3.

List of accounting firms that offer Sponsored Degree Courses in Accountancy

  1. Ernst & Young

  2. PwC

  3. Deloitte 

The Ernst & Young Degree

BSc (Hons) Accounting, Auditing and Finance Lancaster University Management School 

Apply through UCAS, receive a LUMS academic screening, and complete the Ernst & Young application form. This concludes with an assessment day at their London offices.


This Company will offer work-based training programmes in the form of apprenticeships beginning in autumn 2012 for school-leavers with good 'A'-levels.  The Government states it will contribute up to 50% of the programme costs for apprentices aged 19 years and over.  For those under the age of 18, the Government will pay the whole cost.


This established accounting firm has a 'BrightStart' school-leavers' scheme which require students to attain an A or B in GCSE Maths and A-C in GCSE English Language and 24/300 UCAS tariff points (26/320 for CF-RS) form 3 A-Levels.  All training costs will be paid by Deloitte.  The student will be given study time for exams. 
These two firms are offering sponsored degrees in Business Management. Barclays and Logica.

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