Theatre and Dramatic Arts Degree Courses

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Theatre -And -Dramatic -Arts 02Studying Theatre and Dramatic Arts is not a fast track to fame and fortune. Of course, some graduates will go on to successful careers as actors, directors or writers, but for many the wider industry will provide the ultimate career. Don't be put off from studying in the field if you are passionate about theatre and the stage, however. Alongside the chance to develop your skills, you will also be gaining self-confidence and presentational skills that could make you attractive to any number of employers if fame doesn't beckon. You will already know if you are comfortable on the stage and have a track record of performing before applying, as you will almost certainly be asked to audition before being offered a place.

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Some Courses in Theatre and Dramatic Arts:

  • Creative Studies (WPQ0)
  • English and Theatre Studies (WQ43)
  • Performing Arts (54WW)
  • Theatre and Performance (W440)
  • Theatre and Professional Practice (W440)
  • Business Management and Theatre Arts (NW24)
  • Scriptwriting and Performance (WW84)
  • Theatre and Drama (W403)
  • Theatre Studies (W440)
  • Musical Theatre (W411)
  • Drama and Film Studies (WW46)
  • Drama and Creative and Professional Writing (WW84)