Photography Degree Courses

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Photography 02Photography has changed the way we look at the world in which we live, allowing us a different perspective through which to frame our experiences. If the thought of engaging intellectually and creatively with this most beguiling of technologies excites you then studying a degree in Photography could be for you. Generally administrated through art schools, photography courses can vary greatly from department to department. There are also specific courses available in Digital Photography, Documentary Photography and Photojournalism, among others, so have a think about the area you might like to work in before applying. Regardless of your specialism, some background in photography and/or the creative arts will be expected of all applicants, and you will most likely be asked to produce a portfolio of work before being offered a place.

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Some Courses in Photography:

  • Photography (W640)
  • Digital Design: Photography & Motion Graphics (W640)
  • Creative & Editorial Photography (W640)
  • Photography & Film (W600)
  • Photography - Editorial and Advertising (W640)
  • Professional Photography (W642)
  • Graphic Design and Photography (WW6F)
  • Contemporary Lens Media (W600)
  • Photojournalism (WP65)
  • Commercial Photography (W641)