Music Degree Courses

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Music 02Studying Music as an academic discipline used to be all about classical, and this still forms a big component of many music degree courses. In recent years, however, there has been an explosion of courses teaching you all aspects of the broader music industry, from sound engineering and music technology to composition and the music business itself. Check the components of each course, and the requirements of entry, very carefully before applying. Most courses will expect a high degree of proficiency on at least one instrument and a sound grasp of music theory, but the exact specifications can vary depending on the focus of the course.

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Some Courses in Music:

  • Music (W300)
  • Music Technology (J930)
  • Music and Sound Technology (J934)
  • Creative Music Technology (WJ39)
  • Music Production (WJ39)
  • Music Theatre (W310)
  • Music Journalism (WP35)
  • Music Industry Management (N290)
  • Popular Music (W340)
  • Drama and Music (WW34)
  • Music Performance (W312)
  • Popular Music Performance (W310)