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Humanities 02Applying for a degree in the Humanities can be the right choice for applicants with multiple interests in arts and humanities subjects but who are not yet sure of the field in which they wish to specialise. Degrees are generally built around a modular structure, with introductory courses in subjects such as History, Literature, Languages, Classic and Religious Studies (to name but a few), leading to greater emphasis on a single area later in the course. Most subjects that come under the banner of Humanities will be assessed through long and short form essay writing or written examination, so this course suits applicants with an overwhelming interest in culture and society and the ability to process large amounts of written information to structure a coherent argument.

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Some Courses in Humanities:

  • Humanities (V900)
  • History (V100)
  • Philosophy (V501)
  • Cultural Studies (V900)
  • Sociology and Humanities (L302)
  • Mathematics and Humanities (GV19)