History Courses Degree Courses

History 02History is a vast and potentially overwhelming subject, covering the entire historical experience of the human race. It is this sense of practically limitless possibility that can make it so exciting to pursue at undergraduate level however. History degrees focus on combining primary and secondary resources to gain a sense of the lived experience or narrative of a range of historical periods. As it is usually assessed through long and short form essay writing and written examinations, it suits those applicants with a flair for reading and the writing, and the ability to structure an argument from a range of sources. Most will already have experience of studying History at school and may even have ideas about the subjects, or periods, that interest them most. Check with individual universities to see whether these interests match the syllabus of their course, or the specialities of their department. 

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Some Courses in History:

  • History (V100)
  • History and Media (VP13)
  • Heritage Studies (V100)
  • Education and History (VX13)
  • English and History (QV31)
  • History of Art (V350)
  • War Studies (V391)
  • Modern European History (VV12)
  • Irish Studies and History (QV51)