Geography Degree Courses

Geography 01

Geography 02Geography is a wide-ranging subject that combines elements of the social sciences and humanities before applying them to the physical landscape. This means that the subject can take many forms, from Physical Geography's attempts to understand the physical make-up of our world, to Human Geography's attempts to understand our place within it. A standard Geography degree should give you a solid grounding in the different approaches that define the field, allowing you to choose the areas that interest you most as you progress, but it may be worth looking into the preferred approach of specific courses and departments before applying. 

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Some Courses in Geography:

  • Geography (F800)
  • Geography (Human) (L700)
  • Cymraeg a Daearyddiaeth (LQ75)
  • Coastal Geography (F841)
  • Geography and Geology (FF86)
  • Geography and Natural Hazards (FH82)
  • Physical Geography (F840)
  • Geographical Information Systems (GL57)
  • Environmental Geography (F810)