Fashion and Design Degree Courses

Fashion 02For students who are creative, always seeking to try new things and have a flair for visual design, studying Fashion may well prove the perfect fit. Most Fashion degrees will cover a range of skills that are needed to work within the industry, from design and manufacture to fashion's history. Similar to a degree in any art form, and often administrated by art colleges rather than traditional universities, a Fashion degree is likely to be assessed via a combination of practical and written work, so be sure that you feel comfortable organising and implementing project work before applying. While the fashion industry is certainly competitive, there are great rewards for those who do manage to carve out a place within it. A degree in Fashion is an essential start for those determined to do this.

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Some Courses in Fashion:

  • Fashion Design (W230)
  • Textiles for Fashion (W230)
  • Fashion and Costume for Performance (W455)
  • Fashion (Apparel Design and Construction) (W2H0)
  • Art and Design - Fashion & Textiles (W231)
  • Digital Fashion (W235)
  • Fashion Buying and Merchandising (N590)
  • Fashion Design, Styling and Promotion (W239)
  • Fashion Marketing (NWM2)