Dance Degree Courses

Dance 01

Dance 02Courses in dance develop performance, creativity and critical analysis within its cultural context. A professional, practicing dance artist requires a passion for dancing, classical or contemporary, and the ability to contribute to the progressive development of technique and performance skills. Prerequisites include current practical experience in dance and a high level of fitness. A-level in dance may be desirable or required by some universities. A career in dance is highly competitive, therefore work placement is strongly suggested while studying. Dance graduates have a range of opportunities available to them, from the performance industry, choreography to education, health and fitness. 

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Some Courses in Dance:

  • Dance (W500)
  • Dance and Professional Practice (W590)
  • Dance Making and Performance (W500)
  • Arts & Festivals Management and Dance (WW59)
  • Sports Education and Dance (XW35)
  • Dance and Film Studies (PW35)
  • Theatre Arts (Dance) (W500)