Cultural Studies Degree Courses

Cultural -Studies 01

Cultural -Studies 02Degrees in cultural studies allow you to analyse aspects of life within our complex and conflictual globalised world. Cultural studies are closely linked with anthropology, languages, media and sociology. Cultural studies are ideal if you are naturally inquisitive about the world we live in, have an interest in psychology and sociology. There are no subject specific entry requirements; many universities require a minimum of 200 UCAS points or international equivalent.  Cultural studies opens up your career prospects, where you may find yourself in a variety of industries from multicultural community work and tourism, to marketing, media and the arts. 

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Some Courses in Cultural Studies:

  • Arts and Humanities (QW31)
  • Social Sciences (L900)
  • African Studies (T500)
  • Cultures, Histories, Literatures (LQV0)
  • Museum and Heritage Studies (PD14)
  • Society, Culture and Media (LP33)
  • Anthropology (L602)
  • Scottish Cultural Studies (V900)
  • Cultural Sociology (L372)