Who Can Use Clearing?

Clearing Help

Clearing is the UCAS process of matching students without university places to universities with course vacancies. Clearing officially opens on A Level results day, 15 August 2024, and closes on 17 October 2024.

Although the 17 October deadline allows you plenty of time to find a university place course vacancies for popular courses usually fill up on results day or within a week afterwards.

This means if you’re eligible Clearing you’ll need to be prepared and move quickly to get a place on your dream university course. To be eligible for Clearing you will need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • You applied to university after 30th June 2024
  • You were not made any offers from the universities you applied to
  • You did not meet the requirements set by your firm and insurance universities
  • You have not yet applied to university – you will need to use UCAS to apply before using Clearing

To apply to universities through Clearing you will need to have your UCAS Clearing number – you can find this on your UCAS Track page – your personal statement, your exam results, and a pen and paper to hand before you start calling.

Make a note of the people you talk to and any other important information you are told on the phone. Always be polite and if you don’t get through on the phone, keep trying throughout the day and send a polite email to the relevant department with your application details.

Remember, it’s important that you call universities yourself to show you’re independent and committed to getting a place. You might think that getting your parents to call universities will save you time but it won’t give a very good impression to the admissions team.

It’s also important to give the universities you call a reason for choosing they and their course over the other options. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about admissions, accommodation or your chosen course when you talk to the university.

The admissions team can usually give you a decision over the phone or soon after.