How to Enter Clearing

Clearing begins on results day, 15th August 2024, and ends on 17th October. During this time potential university students will have a chance to gain a place at a university that still has course vacancies for the current academic year.

You will be automatically eligible for Clearing if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You applied via UCAS before 30th June and were not made any offers
  • You applied via UCAS before 30th June and declined all of your offers
  • You have not met any of the conditions of your offers and they have declined you or you have declined alternative offers
  • You applied after 30th June (If this happens your application will not be sent to universities and you will automatically be entered for Clearing)

The application fee is £27.50 for 2024 entry, and you can make a maximum of five choices.

How will I know if I’ve been entered for Clearing?

You’ll know whether you’ve been entered for Clearing as your Clearing Number and status will be clearing displayed on your UCAS Track page. You’ll need to make a note of your Clearing Number as you cannot apply through Clearing without it. You might also find that universities aren’t prepared to talk to you if you don’t have it to hand.

Where to find course vacancies

You can find course vacancy lists on UCAS Track and The Daily Telegraph also publishes a full list of vacancies which has been supplied by universities.

If you do buy the newspaper remember to also check the UCAS website. The website will be updated when vacancies are filled or universities remove themselves from Clearing so you’ll be able to keep track of what’s going on.

Which university is right for me?

If you’re reconsidering your university choices for Clearing then you’re going to want all of the information about courses, accommodation, and all of the other aspects of your prospective universities.

Why not take a look at our A-Z list of UK universities and see if any take your fancy?

What to say when you pick up the phone

Once you have a list of suitable vacancies it’s time to get phoning! Have a pen and paper, your A Level results, and your Clearing Number ready when you call. Here’s a list of the other things you’ll need to be successful during Clearing.

If you don’t get through to a university straight away keep trying throughout the day and send them a short email with your details.

Still not sure what to say? Take a look at this article for more hints and tips for calling universities during Clearing.

Remember, most vacancies fill on results day, or within the first week afterwards, so you’ll need to be prepared. Always be polite and take a note of who you talk to in case you need to follow your enquiry up.