Applying through clearing?

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A-Level students are being told not to panic if they haven’t got the grades they expected.

Pupils who miss out on the grades needed for their preferred university or who get better results than they anticipated can apply for a university place through Clearing.

Swansea University’s Head of Admissions, Marketing and Recruitment for the College of Arts and Humanities Bev Evans said many people re-evaluate their options after receiving the results.

“First of all, don’t panic,” she said. “You may have obtained results that are good, but not quite enough to gain entry to your preferred choices, obtained higher grades than predicted or changed your mind about where you want to study. In all cases you can consider applying through Clearing."

"Lots of students get lower grades at A-Level than predicted and still go on to do very well at university. Not getting the exam results you want can be upsetting, but it’s important not to write yourself off.  Instead, focus on what you have achieved and try to think about where your grades can take you."

“If your aim is to study at university, think about entering Clearing. This is a process where students who are reconsidering their options can be matched to a suitable course that still has places. Universities offering Clearing places will have admissions staff ready to talk to you from the time the A-Level results are released. They have information on which places are available and can help you to apply quickly so that you get a swift decision."

“Universities may have accommodation available for Clearing candidates or will help them to find University approved private accommodation. Some universities have lecturers available to meet with prospective students during the clearing period, as we do at the College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea.”

She added: “If your grades are better than you imagined, well done! We do get applications from students who hadn’t thought seriously about going to university until they got their results. Unexpectedly good results may bolster the confidence of a student who previously thought university was beyond their reach. Finding out that they meet the requirements for a university place can give them the confidence to apply. Students who are only now deciding to continue their studies are equally able to come through the clearing process and look for a place.”  

Mrs Evans said the key to having a satisfying university experience was deciding what matters most to the student.

“I always tell prospective students that they should think not only about the course they want to study, but about the type of person they are and what matters to them,” she said. “Some students want to be close to family and friends; others feel it is important that a university has good sporting facilities or is close to the sea."

“When you join a university you become part of a community and throwing yourself into university life is the best way to get the most out of the experience. Understanding what is important to you - both in your academic studies and personal life - will allow you to make the right choice during the clearing process. Find a university that unites your academic needs with your passions and interests and you will have a great university experience.”

Advice on Clearing and Clearing places is advertised on the UCAS website