Top 10 Universities in UK

Top Ten Universities in UK

Top Ten Universities in UK

It is possible to access a wide variety of university league tables, such as The Times, the Sunday Times and the Guardian. These all use different criteria when making their gradings, which makes it difficult to definitely identify the top ten universities in the UK.

To even out some of the differences, have created our own university league table using the average position for each university. Based on this unique analysis, the top ten Universities UK are: 

1. Cambridge University

2. Oxford University

3. The London School of Economics (LSE)

4. Durham University

4. St Andrew’s University

6. Imperial College, London

6. Warwick University

8. Bath University

9. University College London

10. Exeter University

Of the top ten universities in the UK, all but two are in the Russell Group, with just St Andrews and Bath in the 1994 Group

Where are the top ten universities in the UK?

Geographically, the top ten UK universities are widely spread, from Bath and Exeter in the West, to Cambridge in the East, including Warwick in the Midlands, Durham in the North East and St Andrews in Scotland. Surprisingly, only three of the top ten universities in the UK are based in London, the London School of Economics, Imperial and University College London, although the umbrella organization, The University of London, ranks highly on many league tables.

Are all the top ten UK university leagues the same?

No, there are a few colleges that do not make it into our average rankings of top ten universities in the UK, but which are top ten UK universities according to individual lists. These include Lancaster, which is seventh in the Guardian’s top ten UK universities, and Heriot-Watt, which is ninth in the Sunday Times top universities in the UK. Generally, however, the top guides tend to agree about which are the top ten UK universities, even if they disagree on their exact rankings. 

What are the Top 10 Universities in the UK?Several universities have dropped out of the top ten UK universities leagues in the last few years, including Loughborough and York, although this may reflect improvements in other top ten UK universities, rather than any lowering of standards on their part.

How are the top ten UK universities decided?

The different listings of top ten universities in the UK all use different criteria to make their selections. You can read about the way these leagues are compiled by clicking here.

You should check what is most important to you before selecting which league of top ten UK universities to look at, as the best for you may not be the best for someone else. That said, if your chosen college has made it into the top ten universities in the UK, it is safe to assume that it is excelling across a broad range of criteria, and will provide an excellent education whichever subject you choose and whatever your personal priorities.

Should you choose one of the top ten UK universities?

There will certainly be more competition for places at top ten UK universities, and you will be surrounded by the best of the best. If you feel this will inspire you, then go for it and aim high. However, if you are worried about keeping pace with the cream of the crop, then perhaps one of the top universities in the UK is not the best choice for you.  You should seek advice from your teachers, friends and the universities themselves to help you make your choice and, above all, go and see the place.