The UK's most satisfied university students

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The UK's most satisfied university students

Best Uni Courses

Where are they and who are they? And what courses have they chosen that are turning out to be just what they wanted? Who found the best courses at the best uni?

We haven't interviewed all students in all universities but we do have some solid evidence from a recent survey to go on. Students were asked to agree or disagree with a statement that said they were satisfied, overall with the quality of their course. It’s only a snapshot, but the results may reveal Universities you may not have orginally considered including Aberystwyth University which came out at No.1!

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Aberystwyth University is No.1

Aberystwyth was given top billing with the number one slot! 96.8% of students asked were totally happy with their course and their teaching. It may be a little to do with the Olympic effect but students studying Sports Science and Leisure Studies were also feeling content and relaxed.


Glasgow University is hot!

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The survey results were taken from responses received from students on a range of different courses and Glasgow students were among the most satisfied for three degree subjects offered by this leading Scottish educator, which saw 96% of students really happy with courses, teaching and facilities.

At number 10 was Glasgow's European Modern Languages course. A respectable 95.4% of students studying within the faculty had no complaints.

Glasgow Clinical Dentistry students put the university at number 8 too, with 95.6% of students on this course expressing their major satisfaction.

Article _satisfiedunis 06The University of Liverpool shines bright too!

Strong in science and medical degrees, it’s no surprise that 95.4% of Liverpool's Pharmacy and Pharmacology students and 95.8% of its nursing and paramedical studies extremely positive about their studies.

Article _satisfiedunis 02More Top Slots for Northern Universities!

At number 4 in the survey was the University of Huddersfield with 96.2% of its Anatomy and Physiology students expressing their satisfaction. Even higher ratings were received at Loughborough uni, with 96.4% completely satisfied, only 0.4% behind the University of Glasgow's Nursing and Paramedical studies course.

Article _satisfiedunis 08And a couple of high points in the south-east

University College London (UCL) came in at number 5, with an increasingly popular subject - Forensic sciences. Actually tying closely with Aberystwyth, 96% of students at UCL doing this course thought it was just about perfect.

Runner up to Loughborough and Glasgow at number 3 was the University of Kent, with 96.4% of students studying Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering highly satisfied with what they course offers.

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But what if you aren’t happy?

Once you get to uni and start your course, the first few weeks are likely to be quite stressful as well as new and exciting. Give your course a fair chance but if you are having problems or feel that you are struggling, or even that you have made the wrong choice, talk to someone about it.

Go and see your personal tutor, one of your lecturers, the tutor in charge of your course and studies or your student welfare section. If you don’t know who to talk to, ask your student union for advice. Just don’t suffer in silence – maybe you only need some extra guidance to get you through a rough patch but, if it’s the only way, changing course may not be as bad as you imagine.