First Year London Student Interview Guide

If you’re considering coming to the UK to study then you should be prepared that you might need an interview as part of the admissions process.

Not all universities ask you to attend an interview, generally it depends on the size of the university and the course you’re applying to. Confirm the application process with the universities you apply to if you’re worried about an interview.

Will I need to travel to the UK for an interview?

Many universities carry out interviews on the telephone or via a video calling service such as Skype. Depending on which university, they may also send someone to your school or college to interview you there.

What will the interview be like?

You may be asked to complete a short test on paper to check your abilities. The interviewer will also ask you about your academic and personal life. This could include talking about your hobbies and interests.

Top interview tips

  1. Be prepared – think about the key points you want to get across and make a few notes
  2. Make sure your English is a good standard – but don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat or explain if you don’t understand
  3. Know your subject and be enthusiastic
  4. Have some questions prepared to ask the interviewer – you’re interviewing them too remember!
  5. Arrive 10 minutes early if you’re attending in person or be ready by the telephone or computer if you’re being interviewed remotely