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Tuition help

Are you worried about tuition fees and covering living costs while you study? Look no further than here for all the financial information that you need. Universities in the UK charge annual tuition fees and for full time students in public institutions, these fees can be up to £9250/yr.

Fees can be even higher in private institutions but the good new is, most students can apply for a government loan to cover the cost of their fees, and these payments will go directly from the government to the university. Repayments only begin once you earn over £27,295 per annum, and when you reach this threshold, loans are paid back at 9% of your income over £27,295.

While you study, you will also need to cover living costs and other expenses. These additional costs vary depending on what you study and where. In almost all cases, additional grants, loans, and bursaries will be available to help you cover these costs.

Before you start university it is a good idea to have a look at what awards, bursaries, and other funds are available at the university you want to study at. This is additional money to help cover your fees and costs (completely separate to government assistance).

Information about what student financial products might be available can be found here.


Tuition fees by region for courses starting in 2022

Student's home region Studying in England Studying in Scotland Studying in Wales Studying in Northern Ireland 
England Up to £9,250 Up to £9,250 Up to £9,000 Up to £9,250
Scotland Up to £9,250 No fee Up to £9,000 Up to £9,250
Wales Up to £9,250 Up to £9,250 Up to £9,000 Up to £9,250
Northern Ireland Up to £9,250 Up to £9,250 Up to £9,000 Up to £4,395