NHS Student Bursary

NHS Student Bursary

What is an NHS Student Bursary?

The NHS student bursary is an extra payment made to students on qualifying NHS funded medical and dental courses, to help with the cost of living expenses while you are studying. An NHS student bursary is not like a student loan, as it does not have to be paid back.

Types of NHS student bursary

What Is The NHS Student Bursary?Anyone on a qualifying course, who is eligible under the listed criteria, will be invited to apply for an NHS student bursary, and there are two types of bursaries available to students – an income assessed student bursary and a non-income assessed grant.

Every eligible student on a qualifying course will be able to apply for at least the non-income assessed grant of up to £1000 per year.  You may also qualify for an income assessed NHS student bursary of up to £5,460 per year, depending on your income, or the income of your spouse or your parents. 

You may also qualify for additional support under the NHS bursary scheme, if you have children and need help with childcare costs, if you are disabled, if you need help with travel and accommodation for work placements, or if your course runs longer than 30 weeks and 3 days in the academic year.

You must re-apply for your bursary for each eligible year of your course.  More information can be found here.


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