University Open Day Questions to Ask About Studying Teaching

A university open day is your best chance to really get a feel for a university before you apply or accept an offer from them.

A flashy website and a glossy brochure can make it seem like a university is perfect for you, but you won’t really know until you get there.

The open day is also your chance to see whether the university seems as good as everyone says it is, particularly if you’ve chosen universities based on their rankings.

The format for all open days is usually fairly similar, although each university will have its own way of doing things.

Most open days involve a tour of the university facilities – both academic and social – a sample lecture or short talk, and a chance to ask current students and teaching staff questions about university life and the course.

Open days usually plan in free time so you can explore the campus by yourself and it’s worth making time to take a look around the local area, particularly if you’re moving some distance to study.

You don’t have to attend open days alone – you can take family or friends to give a different perspective on the university. Check with each university you apply to how many people you can bring with you.

Here’s more about open days and university open day questions to ask about studying Teaching:

What questions should I ask at the open day?

Here are some generic questions to ask at your university open day:

  • What grades do I need – and can I still get a place if I don't quite get the grades?
  • Which qualifications and combinations of qualifications do you accept / prefer?
  • If the university uses the UCAS tariff, will they count all your qualifications?
  • What do they look for in your application and personal statement?
  • Can they recommend any reading or activities to inform your personal statement? 
  • Do they hold interviews or is selection based on your UCAS application?
  • How do they feel about gap years and deferred entry applications?
  • How will the course make you more employable? Do they offer or arrange placements?
  • What have previous students gone on to do after graduating?
  • Is a place in Halls guaranteed? What accommodation is available off-campus?
  • Would a place still be guaranteed if you made the university your insurance choice?

What should I ask current students at an open day?

You’ll have the chance to meet some current students at the open day and don’t be afraid to ask them some tough questions. Although they’re there to show what a brilliant place the university is, they should give you an honest answer.

Here are some questions you could ask current students at the open day:

  • What are the best and worst things about the university in your opinion?
  • How have you found the course so far – what are the teaching/facilities/support like?
  • Did you have to organise your own school placement and how much did you enjoy it?
  • Are some halls of residence better or worse than others?
  • What is the town/city like?

What should I ask about the Teaching course?

Remember, the staff and students are there to answer any questions you have, so don’t be shy if there’s something you want to know.

Here are some example questions that you could ask about the Teaching degree course:

  • Which modules are optional and which are core?
  • Can I specialise in a certain area?
  • Is specialist better than generalist when it comes to choosing my options?
  • What books are necessary for me to buy?
  • Will I be taught lectures with only people from my course?
  • Can I get extra help from lecturers if I need it?
  • How many placements will I have during this course?
  • Do I organise my placement independently or will I have help?
  • Does the university have contacts with schools and colleges?
  • What is the split between exam/coursework/group works/presentations?
  • How will I be assessed on placements?
  • Do I need to complete a dissertation/ research based project?
  • How will this course help me get a job?
  • How many graduates go on to become teachers?

Don’t forget, you should have contact details for the admissions tutors so if you forget to ask something important, or you don’t remember the answer, you can always contact them at a later date.