Why study finance in London?

Study Finance in London

Interested in studying finance?

The world of finance is a fascinating and complex field of study, covering everything from the ebb and flow of international economics, through stock markets and fund management, to corporate finance and banking. To succeed in finance takes more than just an aptitude for maths; it takes strategic thinking, creativity, an analytical mind and often nerves of steel too.

Studying finance will teach you the vast array of skills and knowledge you need to prosper in this highly competitive industry. And where better to study finance than London; one of the world’s leading financial centres?

London is one of the world’s leading financial centres

The City of London, also known as the Square Mile, is home to some of the world’s largest companies, as well as the famous Old Lady of Threadneedle Street - The Bank of England. The soaring skyscrapers of the Gherkin and the Shard are a testament to the importance and prosperity of London as a giant of the financial world. It is also home to the London Stock Exchange, the third largest in the world, after New York and Tokyo, which turns over around £4bn per day in over 600,000 trades. To many, London is the financial capital of the world, and the activity there has a massive influence on the world economy.

Study finance in London to move on to a highly rewarding career

Choosing to study finance in London can lead to a wide range of careers, from the cut and thrust of the trading floor, to the intricacies of fund management. It will prepare you for a career in the finance departments of major companies, banks and other organisations. It could even be the stepping stone to a career in politics, and set you on your way to a career with the Treasury, or even to number 11 Downing Street.

No matter which career path you choose, studying finance in London will give you an excellent grounding in your subject, as well as a high quality qualification that will be recognised and respected worldwide. Since London is seen as a major player in world finance, a degree from a London institution can provide an added credibility that other universities simply cannot match.

London has some of the world’s top business schools

London is home to some of the finest business and finance schools available anywhere in the world, and certainly the best in the UK. 

The Institute of Financial Services School of Finances a specialist provider of financial education, and is the only institution of its kind that is licensed to offer its own degrees. Based in the heart of the City, the IFS School of Finance has a long history of financial education, dating back over 130 years.

The London Institute of Banking & Finance is strongly supported by the financial industry, and since the course content is modelled on what the City needs, large numbers of graduates gain much sought after City jobs.  Yet because the The London Institute of Banking & Finance does not carry the overheads of a university, it is able to offer significantly lower tuition fees, which any financially savvy student will appreciate.

Other options include the famous London School of Economics (ranked by the Financial Times as the world’s fourth best business school) and the London Business School (ranked best in the UK by the Guardian). Studying finance in London also offers the choice of Imperial College, City University and University College London, all of which are highly regarded places to study finance.

Studying finance in London for work experience and graduate jobs

Studying in London takes you to the very heart of the financial industry. This means that you will enjoy unrivalled access to work experience throughout your course, without the inconvenience of travelling or finding a new place to stay. What’s more, studying finance in London will leave you perfectly placed for jobs in the City after graduation, building contacts throughout your course that will give you the edge over students from other parts of the UK.

London finance schools have excellent industry connections, which not only allow them to tailor their courses to precisely meet the industry’s needs, but also facilitates input from some of the world’s leading financial experts as guest lecturers and mentors.

Why not study finance in London?

You wouldn’t study farming at an inner city university, or oceanography at a university that was miles from the sea, so why study finance anywhere but London? London is finance and for many students, it’s the only place to go.

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