Best University Courses for Employment after Graduation

When you’re choosing which university course to apply for one of the things to consider are the employment prospects after graduation.

One of the current myths about university is that there are limited career prospects, regardless of the course you study and that non-vocational courses are totally pointless because you’ll never get a job.

That just isn’t true and some figures show that employment for graduates who studied non-vocational courses are higher than ever before.

However, what you’ll do once you graduate is something worth considering before you settle on a course, so here are the best university courses for employment after graduation:

Medicine and Dentistry

This probably comes as no surprise, but according to a study carried out by The Mirror, 99.4% of students studying Medicine or Dentistry were employed, or in further study, within six months of graduating.


It’s a tough job, but the country needs teachers, and this probably explains why 92.6% of teaching graduates are in employment or further education within six months of leaving university.

Veterinary Science

Another subject that probably comes as no surprise due to the vocational nature and intensive study involved. 91.9% of graduates are working or studying further within the six months of graduating.

Subjects allied to Medicine

If you’d prefer to study something such as Neurology or Biomedical Science instead of straight Medicine then your employment prospects certainly won’t suffer. 91.8% of students are in work within the six months after graduation.


Another subject that won’t come as a huge surprise – 88.6% of graduates were in work or further study six months after graduation. However, more than half of those opted for further study over employment, presumably to improve their career prospects further down the line.

Biological Sciences

87.1% of graduates were in employment or further study within six months of graduating, probably owing to the huge boom in the biotech industry in recent years.

Mathematical Sciences

This might not be the most obvious choice for career prospects, but there are so many real world applications for mathematics that you’d be a fool not to consider it if you’re good with numbers.

86.5% of students were in a job or studying further within six months of graduation.


As you can imagine, there are numerous career prospects (including international) for languages graduates. 86% of students are employed or starting further study within six months of graduating.

If you want a jet set career, this could be the course for you!


The world will never have enough engineers, so whatever your specialism, you’ll be in with a good chance of having a successful career after graduation. 85.4% of students were going on to further study or already in jobs six months after graduation.

Historical and Philosophical subjects

We told you not to worry about taking a non-vocational course. 85.4% of graduates were in work or further study within six months of graduating, proving that there definitely are employment opportunities out there for graduates who took a degree course with no obvious career path at the end.