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Top 10 benefits of going to University

So you’re wondering whether or not to go to University. True, carrying on your education is a big decision these days. There is, of course, the financial commitment, the possibility of moving away from home and three years may even seem like an eternity. However, the benefits of University can also be plentiful – here are just 10 reasons we’ve picked at why we think deciding to go to University is the best decision you’ll ever make.

1. University can open a pathway for you to experience different environments and cultures you may never thought you could experience. It can provide you with the opportunity to live and study in different places - not only nationally, but internationally as well!

2. Choosing university means you will meet a variety of people while studying something you love. The diverse nature of a university campus enables you to develop the interpersonal skills you will need in later life, both professionally and personally.

3. University will enable you to become independent. To be able to study when you like, buy your own groceries, discipline yourself and indulge yourself is something you may never get the chance to do when you get a job.

4. Many employers target graduates in their recruitment campaigns. They are attracted to the personal and academic dedication that studying one subject for three years demonstrates.

5. On average graduates tend to earn substantially more than people with A levels who did not go to university. Projected over a working lifetime, the difference can be around £100,000 before tax at today’s valuation.

6. Higher education develops qualities that are valued by employers, such as problem-solving and communication skills. Attending university shows that you are able to work both independently and as part of a team, whilst highlighting how you are able to flourish in new, challenging environments.

7. Completing your degree successfully will give you an edge in the job market. It is predicted that half of positions that become vacant between 2004 and 2020 will be in areas of work most likely to demand graduates.

8. University is not all about studying! It also gives you the opportunity to take part in loads of different activities. You can join clubs, societies and teams, from the usual things like football,
debating and theatre to the more specialist and unique.  And for those who find there isn't a
society for what you love…start one yourself.

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9. Many people meet their future partners at university, as well as lifelong friends. Studying and socialising in such close proximity to different people from all walks of life, will allow you to develop relationships and learn more about people then you ever thought possible.

10. It is never too late to start a course.  Universities open their doors to all ages and many provide an access route to further education for everybody.

The Apply to Uni team would like to thank The University of Bolton, who we teamed up with to bring you these top tips.

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