The increasing popularity, sophistication, and affordability of online courses have made higher education a much more viable option for many people in recent years. There is now a generation of students looking at university with a serious choice to make in terms of whether to opt for a distance learning course which is delivered online rather than in a classroom.

There are various aspects of learning outside the confines of the standard classroom environment which can prove more appealing to people. This is not the only strength of online learning though; in fact it has a number of exciting educational benefits which you don’t get by enrolling in a bricks and mortar university.


The major selling point of online learning is that it can fit around your lifestyle. It does not depend on you living close to a suitable university or college, nor moving your life until you are closer. All you really need is an internet connection and a comfortable space in which you can focus on your studies.

The distance learning method fits comfortably around your life, not the other way round. This is especially convenient for those who are going back to studies after working, and have work or family commitments to juggle.

Study part-time while earning

Online learning is commonly available on a part-time basis, which makes it easier to balance with your other commitments. For many people this is the most crucial element, and the one which clinches online learning as the route for them.  It means you can work part-time and study the rest of the time, ensuring that you have a stable income while earning your qualifications rather than living the life of a skint student.  

Demonstrates initiative and self-motivation

When it comes to seeking employment after you have graduated, the fact that you studied online could give you a benefit over other job-searchers who studied in the more traditional style. What does online have over a traditional qualification? Well many recruiters will consider your online learning as a signal of your initiative, self-motivation and desire to improve. Those are skills that any employer would welcome.

Learn in your own environment

Everyone learns best in different ways, and work more effectively in different types of environment. While the classroom environment can be good for young students going straight from school, many others prefer to study at home. With an online course you can work wherever feels right for you.

There have been major improvements in courses available

It wasn’t so long ago that there were only a select number of subjects which could be studied online, but that has changed significantly now. You can now pick up a degree in almost any subject which is not purely dependant on practical aspects – meaning that online learning is now more accessible and valuable than ever before.  

Cost effective

Due to the lower overheads for learning establishments, online courses tend to be more affordable than full-time university degrees. This makes it a great way to self-finance your own learning. Aside from the tuition fees, it can also be much more budget-friendly due to the fact that you don’t need to travel back and forth to a university campus.

Dedicated tutor means more attention and focused learning

With a traditional university education, you are likely to be part of large lectures and busy seminars, both of which make it easy to get lost in the crowds. There is unlikely to be any such problem with online learning, as you will have your won dedicated tutor who will be able to help guide you through the course with designated one on one advice. Many students find this to be the best way to learn, as it avoids any chance of them getting lost in the new subject matter.

Helps improve your digital skills

One of the most in demand skillsets for employers is an understanding of up to minute digital tools and practices, as all workplaces are increasingly dependent on computerised systems, and make use of an ever increasing array of digital software programs to help streamline their work processes.

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