Teacher Training Interview Questions

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Sample university interview questions for a teacher training degree

One of the things that you can guarantee about the teacher training application process is that you’ll have to attend an interview. Whether this is a one to one session, group interview, or presentation is up to the university you’re applying to.

The best thing you can do to calm your nerves is make sure that you have thoroughly prepared. Go through your CV and make sure you know, and can talk about, everything in it. Don’t be tempted to embellish any qualifications or experience you have as you’re bound to be asked about it in your interview.

If you’ve got to give a presentation then make sure you know how long the presentation should last, any topics you’ll need to present on, and make sure you practice. That can be in front of the mirror or in front of friends or family, just make sure your presentation is fluid, well-constructed, and that you make eye contact throughout.

However, you’re interviewed you’re going to have to answer some teaching related questions. Here is a selection of sample teacher training interview questions to help you get a better idea of what to expect.

Why do you want to be a teacher?

You could almost put money on being asked this question and you’ll need to give an answer that sounds honest and sincere. Talk about any past experiences of working with children and be sure to demonstrate your skills, passion, and ambition.

What makes a good teacher?

The interviewer wants to see that you’ve researched the role and know the skills and personal attributes that make a good teacher. They might also ask you if you possess those skills and attributes. Of course, the answer should be yes and you should be able to give examples to back up your claim.

How would you change the school system?

You’ll need to be up to date with current educational news and practices and be able to create a convincing argue. Use topical news examples that fit in with your argument for improvements or changes to the school system.