Radiography University Interview Questions

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Radiography is a highly specialist degree choice, which demands a great deal of scientific knowledge and technical skill. Careers in radiology usually involve working with the general public, often at times of trauma or stress, so you will also need to have strong ‘people’ skills to deal with your daily work load.

Subject specific radiography university interview questions

Since radiography is so specialised, your university will want to be sure that you have fully considered this career and that you understand what being a radiographer is all about. You may be asked questions such as:

  • What makes you want to be a radiographer?
  • What research have you done into radiography?
  • Have you visited or had work experience at a working radiography department?
  • If so, how did it live up to your expectations?
  • Describe a typical day as a radiographer.
  • What are the best and worst things about being a radiographer?
  • Where do you think a radiography degree will take you?
  • What are your ambitions in radiography?
  • If you were not able to get work as a radiographer, what else would you do?

Personal radiography university interview questions

As a radiographer within the NHS, you will have a large workload and work under pressure a lot of the time. What’s more, you will often be dealing with the public when they are in pain or distress. Your university will want to assess whether you have the personality to deal with all of this by asking questions like:

  • What skills do you think a good radiographer needs?
  • How well do you work under pressure? Give an example?
  • Describe your time management strategy
  • How would you deal with a drunken patient who needed an X-ray?
  • How would you calm a patient who felt claustrophobic in an MRI scanner?
  • What do you think will be the hardest part of being a radiographer?
  • Describe an occasion when you have worked in a team
  • Radiography is advancing all the time; are you willing to keep studying and learning throughout your career?
  • Would your friends think you were cut out for this role?

Ethical radiography university interview questions

Radiographers do not face as many ethical challenges as some other medical professionals, but you will still be part of a team that often faces difficult decisions and challenging situations. Your university will want to know how you will cope with issues such as: 

  • You see the same child for a broken bone three times in a month. Should you raise the alarm?
  • Should self inflicted injuries, such as drunken falls, have less priority than genuine accidents or illnesses?
  • A colleague consistently takes longer over their scans than you, increasing your own workload and causing a backlog. What would you do?
  • State of the art scanners are often bought through charities. Don’t you think that the NHS should fund the latest scanners for all hospitals?
  • Your X-ray for a minor injury shows up something potentially more serious. Should you say anything to the patient?
  • A pregnant mother really needs an X-ray, but refuses. Should she be made to have it?
  • A worried patient insists that you tell them what their CT scan shows. Should you tell them or refer them to their specialist?