PGCE University Interview Questions

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Sample university interview questions for a PGCE degree

When applying for a PGCE course you’ll need to be aware that different universities use different interview methods and you could find yourself in a one on one, group interview, or even be asked to give a short presentation.

Group interviews may include group discussions, role play, short essays, and debates about current teaching related news topics.

Some universities may also ask you to organise a pre-interview placement day with a local school and want you to use your notes and experiences from the day as the basis for your interview.

As well as having different interview methods each university will also have its own set of questions that it asks prospective students. However, with nearly all universities you can expect to be asked why you chose the course, why you chose the university, and why you want to be a teacher.

Here is a brief list of other sample questions from a PGCE university interview:

What skills are needed to be a good teacher?

The interviewer wants to see that you’ve thought about what it will be like as a teacher and they may go on to ask you whether you think you have these skills. Of course, the answer should be yes and you should be able to give examples that demonstrate your skills.

What would you do if a pupil didn’t share your love of the subject?

Don’t get stressed by this one. Although teachers are meant to inspire their pupils to love their subjects your interviewers know that you won’t be a miracle worker! Talk about teaching methods you might use and how you might encourage the child to find a way to access the subject that interests them.

Which texts would you use for a Year 10 English class?

If you’re applying to teach a specific subject be prepared to answer questions about your teaching methods or choices relevant to that subject. You’ll need to show you understand that different methods/texts may or may not be appropriate for certain age groups. You’ll also need to be able to justify your choices.