Mental Health Nursing University Interview Questions

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Sample university interview questions for a mental health nursing degree

If you’re applying to any university to study a medical or health care related degree then you’re going to need to attend an interview. This is because your future career depends as much on your personality and personal attributes as it does on your knowledge, skills, and qualifications.

Different universities use different interview styles and you may find yourself in a group interview rather than an individual one. Even if you do have an individual interview there is still a chance that you’ll be in a waiting room with other candidates and the interviewers will be looking to see how you communicate whilst you’re waiting.

If you find yourself in this situation, or a group interview, it’s best to make sure that everything you say has a point and that you don’t dominate the conversation or group discussion.

To help you prepare for an individual question session here are some sample questions that could be asked during a mental health nursing university interview:

Why did you choose mental health nursing?

There are four main areas of nursing: adult, child, learning disabilities, and mental health. The interviewer wants to know exactly why you chose this path in nursing rather than one of the other options.

What are the qualities of a good mental health nurse?

The interviewer is asking you to demonstrate that you’ve researched what being a mental health nurse involves and wants qualities you would need to be successful. They may go on to ask you if you possess these qualities and to give examples that demonstrate them.

Give an example of a difficult situation you’ve been in and how you resolved the issue.

As a mental health nurse you’re going to find yourself in difficult situations regularly and the interviewer needs to see that you’ve got the right skills and personality to stop tricky situations escalating.

Give a clear, concise answer that demonstrates your skills and try not to let any personal opinions you might have about the people involved in your example get in the way of giving a good answer.